The OUTBREAK strategy

Learn more about our mission to tackle AMR

Our mission, purpose and goal

The experts behind OUTBREAK are dedicated to generating trusted information on antibiotic-resistance in Australia. We are focussed on the evolution and spread of antibiotic resistance in hospitals and communities, as well as in animals and the environment (One Health).

Our goal

To reduce the impact of drug resistance and secure a future where antibiotics are available and effective.

Our mission

To build a decision support system that integrates data from people, animals and the environment – so we can address the location- and person-specific threat of antibiotic-resistant infections now and for generations to come.

Our purpose

To improve health outcomes – and save lives – by tracking, tracing and tackling antibiotic-resistant infections.

Our strategic focus

Tracing and tracking antimicrobial resistance

We are committed to:

  • Developing a network of sampling sites across the One Health spectrum
  • Building new genomic pipelines to capture how drug resistance moves between bacteria
  • Accessing and linking individual and geographical health and medicines data
  • Constructing a geospatial mapping platform
  • Designing a ‘knowledge engine’ that uses data to inference the risk of drug resistance.

Tackling antimicrobial resistance

We aim to:

  • Create products that influence the way we use antibiotics and contain infections
  • Inform new policies that support the appropriate use of new and existing antibiotics and alternative treatments
  • Reinforce the need for a One Health approach to address the issues of AMR

Connect economic benefits to a change in policies or procedures.

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