How can we prevent antimicrobial resistance?

Combining AI and big data to track, trace and tackle AMR


OUTBREAK (One Health Understanding Through Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics Knowledge) is a high-tech surveillance system that will collect and analyse enormous amounts of data about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in human health, the environment and agriculture in Australia.

Like modern climate forecasting, OUTBREAK will use artificial intelligence to make sense of its big data sets. Then, it will predict and explore different strategies to intervene.

OUTBREAK will revolutionise how we detect, treat and manage antimicrobial resistance.

OUTBREAK will help us to:

  • detect AMR hotspots
  • map the spread of AMR
  • predict where AMR outbreaks are likely to occur
  • advise how to prevent outbreaks and control their spread
  • recommend person- and location-specific treatments as preventative ‘right drug, right patient, at the right time’ practices.

Proactive AMR monitoring and response

Rather than responding to resistant bacteria as they hit our healthcare system, OUTBREAK is a proactive decision support system that considers the many contributing sources of AMR.  

With proactive surveillance, we can better determine where and when to use new diagnostics and treatments, administer vaccines, and implement policy and behavioural change to reduce infection rates and prevalence of AMR.

While focussed initially on Australia, this solution has the potential to scale globally.

A world-first approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance

With a One Health approach, OUTBREAK offers us a better understanding of antimicrobial resistance – including how drug-resistant bacteria spread between animals, the environment and people.

Human health

OUTBREAK can help us to inform antibiotic best practices in healthcare and ensure the first-prescribed antibiotics are effective.

We can improve health outcomes for all Australians and reduce infection rates, hospital admissions and healthcare costs.


OUTBREAK can help us to improve antibiotic use on farms and in vet practices. It can help us to determine the links of AMR to foodborne diseases and use of organic fertilisers.

We can reduce infection rates in animals, identify regions where vaccines will be most useful, and protect Australia’s reputation as an exporter of safe, high quality meat, dairy and fresh produce.


OUTBREAK can help us to understand how antibiotic-resistant bacteria spread through the environment, such as through wastewater and sewage, storm water systems and recreational waterways and how – or if – this is affecting human health.

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