Reports and scientific publications

AMR and One Health research in Australia and the world

Our latest discoveries to fight the rise of superbugs…

Our reports and scientific publications inform the OUTBREAK Knowledge Engine, initially funded by the Medical Research Future Fund Frontier Health – Medical Research grant (stage one).

OUTBREAK expertise is comprised of over 100 researchers and scientists. Their work encompasses metagenomics; microbiome and computational biology; medical geography and spatial epidemiology; patient data handling; data linkage and big data; infectious and zoonotic disease; biosecurity; water treatment technologies; behavioural change and social science; risk management; pharmacy; artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning; and health economics, policy, and law.

AMR economic perspective

The OUTBREAK team used a ‘patient journey’ approach to model treatment costs of UTIs, to forecast scenarios with increasing and decreasing antibiotic resistance rates.

Research publications

Discover our latest publications on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our science adopts a broader ‘One Health’ perspective to study AMR in human health, animals, and the environment.

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